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California Inheritance Planning for Blended Families

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Estate planning is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Each family has its special quirks, its own unique dynamics and planning needs. And nowhere is this difference as important as it is when you are looking to do planning for a “blended” family.

Many—if not most— Californians live in “blended” families. In the course of people’s lives, divorce, death, and remarriage are normal, common occurrences. Whether it means forming new families with young children and loving stepparents, or finding new love in the fullness of one’s years, families with “his and her” children or “his, hers, and our” children are among us and all around us. However, it is vital to take the unique circumstances of second or other marriage and blended families into consideration when creating your estate plan.

Estate plans that don’t take into account the individual needs of the “blended family” can lead to serious problems and unexpected consequences when someone becomes incapacitated or passes away, when old forms aren’t updated, and financial or personal powers aren’t assigned to trusted people. Series consequences can include accidental disinheritance, exposure to additional tax burdens, and worst of all, family strife.

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